I was raised in Valencia County and it has a special place in my heart. I love the ag-centric vibes, the Sunday morning rodeos, the mutton-busting, the Saturday morning (Bosque Farms) or Tuesday evening (Los Lunas) Farmer’s Markets, farming, FFA and 4-H. I always get an extra boost of enjoyment out of working with clients who share some of that same love. This picture is from my run the other day. I was running by DeSmet Dairy (they have fresh milk, cheese curds and eggs that are out of this world if you’re wondering – look them up), when this mama cow came walking across the front yard of the home I was passing. There had been a rainstorm the night before and as such there was an amazing sunrise bursting with colors in the background, it was a sight to behold. On that morning, as I found myself reflecting, I was basking in complete happiness as I jogged along side the rouge milk cow. Moments like these remind me just how much I love the Rio Grande Valley and all it has to offer.


I’ve been working on setting an intention, sharing my passion for the Valley through my business as a Realtor and that has been manifesting in various ways. I’m pretty excited about it and would love to share my passion with you. If you’ve been thinking about what your life might look like just outside the city, I’d love to show you around and chat a bit. It’s not all agriculture and farming, there are some beautiful subdivisions and areas with smaller yards for a more “city” feel close to freeway access, shopping and entertainment, but more affordable than in the ABQ. Metro Area. It’s like the best of both worlds. Or if you’re ready to sell your home I’d love to help you navigate that process with my knowledge of the area and expertise in Real Estate.

 As always here to chat whenever you are. Hope you’re having a great day and enjoying the wet weather greening our desert scape.


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